4th-6th December 2018, ICT event in Vienna

December was a month full of exiting events for SALBAGE Project.

It was a week full of interesting meetings, the project was represented by members of Albufera Energy Storage, project coordinator, in a booth shared with two other FET Open projects, @LiRichFCC , @CARBAT and the @CELEST platform. Under the name FUTURE BATTERIES we received the visit of many persons, either individuals as well as member of organizations and platforms. Special attention was paid to our project by the EU policy makers regarding the next Flagship initiative in Batteries and other representatives of the European Commission and also by VIP companies visiting the fair.

This event allowed us to establish shared common interests with other colleagues and strengthen positions within the field of the new developments in Batteries in Europe from a stronger point of view.

During those days the official twitter of the project (@salbage_project) was continuously fed with updates regarding the event under the hashtag #ICT2018.

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